2011-01-09 17:11:29 by MashedByMachines

Making an album for spotify with all new songs. :) So far I have 5 songs done, 2 songs semi-done.

I expect it to be done sometime this spring.

Stay tuned :)


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2011-01-27 07:54:07

Finally !!! I thought you were dead, but I am very glad to know you are still alive in the new year of 2011 !!
How many songs will the album have ? Is there any other links we can visit ?

(Updated ) MashedByMachines responds:

I have 8 new original songs done so far :) im planning to make 11+ songs :)

I donĀ“t currently have a homepage :/ But I will try to make one in the future, check out
www.mashedbymachines.com if I make a homepage (it currently redirects to my NG profile)

Oh, and this might be good or bad news, depending on which of my songs you like, but the music will be mainly electronic (no guitars, most chip/lofi songs) :)


2011-02-21 23:22:29

I'm extremely stoked for this! Can't wait!


2011-03-02 14:43:59

Nice! Have good luck!
I will enter once a month at least to see if there is something new.


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