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New Music

2016-12-11 05:40:06 by MashedByMachines

Hey guys, I have been very quiet for a while. But I will upload my new music to my Soundcloud from now on! Be sure to go there and have a listen:

Rock Ballad

2012-08-25 12:32:52 by MashedByMachines

Tried to make a Rock Ballad during the summer. Enjoy :)

Album on bandcamp!

2012-02-22 11:25:00 by MashedByMachines

For those of you that missed it, my debut album INCENTIVE is avaliable on bandcamp for just 5EUR :)

Purchase includes 2 bonus songs!

(It is also avaliable on spotify and grooveshark)


2011-12-28 10:34:57 by MashedByMachines

My album "INCENTIVE" is released today for free on spotify. It is also purchasable trough spotify and soon iTunes, grooveshark and other places. EBLE65IAMSkQL0B

Bonus songs will be released soon here on newgrounds :)



2011-09-06 19:03:27 by MashedByMachines

Im sorry everybody but the album is delayed because of a flooding in my house that destroyed half of my house. I saved all of my equipment but I cant plug it in and continue the work until a couple of weeks :/

But the album is still coming, rest assured :)

New song from album

2011-08-10 10:30:45 by MashedByMachines

New song from the album. This one is an industrial chiptune :) /438755

Also, Like me on facebook! Machines/144275155656976

Another teaser

2011-06-04 11:37:31 by MashedByMachines

Another teaser from my upcoming album :)
This was actually the first song I made for the album :P /424852

Here is a track from my upcoming album: /398082

Regardning the progress of the album; 8 songs are complete, 2 songs are in the works. Expect a release on Spotify AND newgrounds in late spring/early summer.

Enjoy :)


2011-01-09 17:11:29 by MashedByMachines

Making an album for spotify with all new songs. :) So far I have 5 songs done, 2 songs semi-done.

I expect it to be done sometime this spring.

Stay tuned :)

Visit me on soundcloud!

2010-10-06 18:53:57 by MashedByMachines